What Makes Us Different?

Live Oak Caregivers has a simple goal . . . to employ the very best caregivers who are genuinely committed to providing the highest quality care in a dignified manner. We believe we stand apart from others because we go the extra mile to ensure that our caregivers are fully certified and trained, and will always deliver an exceptional caregiving experience. 

Live Oak Caregivers is NOT a franchise. We are a family-run organization focused on serving families in our surrounding communities. To achieve our goal of providing the best service in the home care industry, we have established the following operating procedures:

  • Far exceeding state of Georgia requirements, we conduct exhaustive background checks, including criminal and driving history, drug and alcohol screening, and employment and personal references for each of our caregivers, all in addition to one-on-one interviews with our management staff.
  • Our Registered Nurse and Director of Caregiving Services conducts a comprehensive assessment of the client's needs to tailor a Care Plan that provides the highest quality of life. The goal is to enable the client to lead a normal routine under the guidance of a Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • We continuously assess the performance of each of our Certified Nursing Assistants through client surveys and on-site monitoring, to identify areas we can improve upon.
  • In addition to care services, we provide an array of senior services including Home Maintenance, Home Safety, Senior Fitness and Nutrition Programs, and Insurance Management.